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special exercises - bdsm and spanking videos
You're seconds away from a site that bridges all your deepest fantasies into one load of high-quality video. Nude gymnastics, nude sports, lesbian BDSM, lesbian domination, erotic humiliation, spanking, and a lot more - looks like all your favorite kinks are finally together.
special exercises clip
special exercises clip
Our mean, merciless trainers make submissive girls undress, do whatever comes into mind, masturbation included, and smack them in the process.
Good god, the girls get to love it, and their twats get wet! What it all ends in is sweat, swollen flesh, and totally perverted scenes of trainer domination. This is something you won't see on sports channels!
The shocking truth finally disclosed here, all thanks to our hi-resolution video that makes you feel you're really there. There, in the world of sport going way beyond the limits of decency. Everything is for real here, 100% real trainers, real girls submissive horny girls. Hell, these coaches do not take «no» for an answer!

Check out our killer selection of movies and make sure you return regularly for another load of exercises gone very very bad.
Watch seemingly casual exercises end in sweat, tears, and highly erotic suffering! Hot girls come to our trainers, and they give the chicks one hell of a workout. Urged to undress, sweat their guts out, these girls are a terrific cock-teaser. Watch now, uncensored and uncut!
Nataly & Ewelina. 26 min / 432 mb.
pony girl training
Busty and submissiwe 22 years old Ewelina is a absolutely perfect woman. She has wonderful natural big tits with nice brown nipples, her pussy is clearly shaved and all her body is strong and flexible. It's a real pleasure to train so beautiful woman! Watch this submissive hottie performs nude exercises, trained as pony girl, watch she's crawling and jumping, nude and sweaty... And finally she becomes horny and masturbates her tight submissive pussy!
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Sergey trains tall 22 y.o. Ira, 23 y.o. blonde Regina and busty 24 y.o. Maria.
group bdsm
If you have got three submissive girlfriends in total order, then it is necessary to keep their bodies in nice shape! For example, Sergey does the following nasty things with his obedient trio: first, he used to give them a hard naked sports time in the chilly days on a beach; second, the clumsiest and laziest of submissive gymnasts must be dildoed demonstratively by her girlfriends! And she was so aroused so she has multiple orgasms...
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Natalie trains 21 y.o. Tina.
34 min, HD-quality, lesbian BDSM
sex slaves
21 y. o. Tina has been practicing yoga for a pretty long time - just take a look at her ideal sexy body! She's getting trained by as relentless trainer as Natalie for the first time! Having her neck squeezed with a collar and getting broken in a doggy manner in a leash, Tina feels...excited (for her surprise). Being sexed-up, the submissive girl has performed the hardest gymnastics postures!
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Olga trains 20 y.o. Brigitte.
28 min / 366 mb, lesbian domination
exhausted by nude workout
Beautiful body of 20 y. o. submissive Brigitte is not adapted for so hard workout. But who cares!? Merciless instructor Olga makes her submissive trainee get naked and perform lots of exhausting exercises, from jumps and squats to wide-legged seated bends to static standing gymnastics... As a result, the absolutely exhausted obedient girl drops on the floor, begging for mercy.
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Butch trains Catrin & Masha.
29 min / 386 mb, kissing lesbians
lesbian domination training
Two obedient trainees - slender and flexible. A male trainer - wicked and exacting. What is waiting for these gymnasts? A hardest train-up ever! They have to do nude exercises synchronously, being collared and motivated by a cane. It could be a pretty ordinary training. What should they do to escape punishment? Oh yes, they obey!
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Alex & 20 y.o. Carina;
25 min / 212 mb, nude workout
beautiful nude slave
Some sporty girls get so horny during action lessons that can't control their flesh. And the stricter their trainers are, the hornier the gymnasts feel! Carina, one of these flexible harlots, gets so big kick out of sexual and sports humiliation at trainings that unable to hide her excitement. Although her male trainer is pretty stern, he lets Carina jill off right in a sexy gymnastics position!
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Sergey trains Barbara and Anna.
25 min / 338 mb, nude gymnastics

group bdsm training
Dominant sports he-man Sergey has brought to heel blonde Anna and brunette Barbara and turned them into submissive trainees for group bdsm gymnastics drills. Feeling shy, naked sports girls perform lots of special exercises, getting hotter every minute under the influence of Sergey's maledom vibes. In the end, the wet-and-willing obedient girls are permitted to relax in a cuntrubbing way.
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Busty 19 y.o. Daria trained by Zoya.
29 min / 458 mb.
busty slave girl
19 y. o. Daria has got a nice sex and sports lesson today - every part of her body has been trained all out. Look, her amazing big boobs rub against the floor so erotically when she crawls and does the pushups, following the orders of Zoya, the strict trainer! And this gymnast is also allowed to masturbate after a set of nude fitness exercises with dumbbells, a hula-hoop and a skipping rope!
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Mary trains lewd 20 y.o. Carina.
28 min / 380 mb, pussy stretching
pussy stretching
Finally, Mary has got a really flexible gymnast in order! This tall foxy is a real pro in comparison with the clumsy sluts she has already trained. Excellent! Some titty play and nipple pulling at the beginning, many hard nude stretching exercises such as the front split and the scale and finally - some masturbation! And this bitch has to get her portion of the cane!
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Butch trains Catrin.
34 min / 465 mb, outdoor public nude bondage
outdoor public nude bondage
You may be as talented as an Olympic gymnast but once you fall into the male trainer's hands, you'll never please him whatever you do. Experienced by Catrin! Being collared and naked, this blonde gymnast does everything her sport trainer wants - but he is still unsatisfied. Butch has been drilling Catrin for half an hour on the forest road near the river. Will she dare to take another lesson from Butch? Certainly!
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Lisa trains 22 y.o. Julia.
32 min / 414 mb, flexible girls
flexible girls
The most attacked newcomer ever! This blondie Julia thinks she is slim and flexy enough to satisfy the standards of beauty and flexibility. But this slut lacks sexiness! At least, her trainer Lisa is sure of that. That's why the drill master makes the collared blondie suffer from her nasty attacks in a lesbian style while giving her a lesson of nude gymnastics and yoga. Everything for the sake of sex and sport!
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Zoya trains 19 y.o. Sasha.
26 min / 353 mb, wife discipline

teen gymnast wannabe
Sasha, this teen gymnast wannabe, is such a bitch! She is playing coy but deep down this slut is wild and insolent. But her trainer Zoya has already broken down much wilder fillies! A collar, a chain, a set of hard gymnastic exercises in the nude, some yoga...but this bitch bends her neck only under attack of Zoya's special cane! It would be rather dangerous to change places with this teen plaything, right?!
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Sergey & Dasha. 35 min / 321 mb.
You need to work a lot to keep your perfect body fit, baby? This blondie, however, hadn't expected her coach to be that hard on her - it was a total shock when he brought her to a quiet green meadow in the middle of the woods, told her to get stripped and start working with the fitness ball right there! Sure, she was slightly ashamed of that - but the coach quickly helped her to get rid of her shamefulness with the help of his rubber club!
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Jess & Mary train Natasha. 28 min / 236 mb, flexible women
The road to movie stardom is a very long and a very difficult one. Take Natasha for example - she arrived to the casting being absolutely sure of her future success - and was immediately attacked by two horny lesbian producers who ripped her skin-tight clothes off her to take a closer look at her yummy tight smoothie! That was a helluva surprise - but Natasha was too shy to say no...
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Anastasia & Scarlett. 31 min / 241 mb.
Getting busted chatting on the phone while the whole office is crashing over a new project? That's definitely not something that a good secretary should do, is it? Well, anyway - this yummy shortie did get busted - and was punished for that really exquisitely! Her boss, who was an ex-gymnast walked into the waiting room, pulled the cell out of her hand, told her to get naked and showed her what real gymnastics was all about!
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Natasha & Zhenya. 33 min / 257 mb.
The beginning of the workout with this new coach was a pretty typical one - a bit of warmup, a couple of exercises to make the girl's muscles more flexible. However, the things that happened next will always remain quite strange for little shorthaired kitty Zhenya - she was compelled to get stripped, cover her smooth silky skin with body oil and spread her legs wide open allowing the coach's hand rub her shaven pinkie until it came oozing with juice!

Zoya & Katya. 31 min / 284 mb. 
Being allowed to become a disciple of such a skillful gymnastics coach as Zoya was a great thing - but sexy pig-tailed brunette Katya just couldn't imagine that the workouts with her would be such a drill. And they were pretty strange too - Zoya began the lesson by making Katya get totally naked, giving her a quick stretching warm-up and then? Then she just spanked the poor girlie's booty into bruises telling her that it was an essential part of the training process!

Sergey & Oksana. 34 min / 362 mb.
This pale-skinned cutie definitely needed some suntan to look real hot at the oncoming gymnastics cup - so her coach decided to take her out into the field to get some sunshine. She didn't appear to be too willing to do that, so he had to put her on a rope and actually pull her out of the car! Mere five minutes later she was already all naked - perfecting her stretching under the strict supervision of the brutal instructor armed with a soft rubber club?

Julia & Zulya. 30 min / 249 mb.
An open-air workout is always better than getting locked up in a gym room reeking of sweat, ain't it? This kinky coach thinks the same too - that's why she drags her bootylicious disciple out into her backyard, strips her, makes her do a little stretching warmup and? gets down to business! This poor busty brunette will definitely have a lot of fun with the horizontal bar - and with the water hose that her coach will use to cool her down from time to time!

Lita, Gita and Elisa. 44 min / 333 mb.
That unfinished building was not perhaps the most usual place for some training, but who cares? The trainer was not particularly harsh here, she only shouted instructions and made sure the beauties had all their sweaty assets revealed. The day was sultry and soon the girls were producing gallons of sweat. Our training mistress gave them some cane, too! The girls even kinda competed in their exercise, so watch this to find out who did better!

Scarlett & Sheila. 24 min / 311 mb.
nude football
What do you think of Sheila's chopping skills? Could be better, eh? Outdoor chopping is a perfect way to get one's figure right, even for a lazy bitch like Sheila. It's hot, and the axe in her hands seems to be cutting through thick sultry air. You can't even follow what you're being told, slut! Finally the work is over, and it was painful enough for Sheila to earn a little relaxing shower of cold water afterwards. Though it could be all the way round in winter!

Anastasia & Kristina. 35 min / 266 mb.
naked gymnasts
Dangerous Anastasia on the training track again. A kiss on a cheek, clothes off, and the workout starts, this time involving dumbbells. The girl's arms were too weak so each time she had to struggle, aided by Anastasia's cusses and smacks. Seeing that the girl is exhausted, the wise trainer threw her on the floor and dominated her helpless body by doing things which go well beyond the usual training routine. Naked Kristina eagerly opened her limbs with strict Anastasia above her.

Sofy & Mila. 34 min / 259 mb.
bound girls training
So, what do we have here? Another candidate for the stripping scene? Let me feel these boobs of yours. Nice nipples! On the floor, slut! We'll make you sweat out this extra fat - though I like your size. This girl hardly ever held anything heavier than a chocolate bar. And here she has to suffer physically, naked, humiliated, with sweat nearly running down her gorgeous hair! Earning your living as a stripper is not too easy this day, even if you're so thick and fuckable.

Daniel & Dasha. 30 min / 230 mb.
bdsm sports nude
Sometimes a male's mind will invent kinks no female can even imagine. Here Dasha got into the hands of a male trainer, professional and very perverted. The girl was ready to pay the price of being trained by a pro, so she did everything he ordered her to without thinking. He made her run around on her hand like a wheelbarrow and get dolled up like a maid to wash the windows, and the slut enjoyed feeling inferior. Some exercise was included, too!

Sofy & Lila. 23 min / 302 mb.
slave training
When you are serious about training, you have to be ready for anything. Even if your trainer tells you the workout starts before you even enter the flat - and only after you take off all clothes. This chick required special attention, just look at her larger-than-life boobs and thick ass! You have to train these off, bitch! After the bitchy trainer could not even grab her assets because of the sweat, she finally took the obedient athlete to wash the humiliation off her gorgeous body.

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